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University of Wisconsin Basketball

The University of Wisconsin owns one of the greatest basketball histories in the United States. That is the bold claim author Dave Anderson makes-and backs up-in this stunning book.. Free Ebook Pdf Download

The Tea Lords

Rudolf leaves his comfortable origins in Delft by ship for Java to help run the family's estates there. He moves from plantation to plantation. attempting to understand the ways of the local peoples.. Ccna Book Pdf

C How to Program

For introductory courses in C Programming. Also for courses in Programming for Engineers. Programming for Business. and Programming for Technology. The Deitels' How to Program series offers unparalleled breadth and depth of object-oriented programming concepts and intermediate-level topics for further study.. Joke Book Pdf

Marvels of Creation

This work is intended for ages 9 to 12 years. A must-have for any home or school library. this fascinating book highlights 30 of the most fascinating creatures in the sea. The beautiful full-colour photographs and interesting descriptions highlighting the design features of each creature make this book a must read.. Guitar Book Pdf

My Favorite Things

From Maira Kalman. the author of the bestsellers The Principles of Uncertainty and The Elements of Style. comes this beautiful pictorial and narrative exploration of the significance of objects in our lives.. Harry Potter Book Pdf

I Think My Dad is a Spy

Sophie George lives with her father in the small town of Orchard Mead and works after school at their post office. She enjoys delivering the mail around the town. mainly because she likes to draw funny pictures based on some of the weirdos that live here.. Business Communication Book Pdf


The RiftWar is done. But a fearsome army of trolls and renegade humans. emboldened by the drug of destruction. has risen in strength from the ashes of defeat.. Download Free Ebook Pdf

Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming

The field of software engineering is characterized by speed and turbulence in many regards. While new ideas are proposed almost on a yearly basis. very few of them live for a decade or a longer.. Html Book Pdf


When we hear the words. 'black

Wind Instruments

Describes various wind instruments from around the world. such as the familiar clarinet. saxophone. and flute. along with other traditional instruments such as the Chinese flute.. Black Book Pdf

Truths, Half Truths and Little White Lies

'No life can really be all black. right. Even during the darkest times. what got me through that bleakness was laughter and time. With enough of both of these things I reckon you could get over just about anything.. Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Book Pdf

Introduction to Law

Introduction to Law provides a reader-friendly. insightful review of the structure. history. and basic tenets of the American legal system. and offers a cogent introduction to the concepts and functioning of major catagories of law.. Origami Book Pdf

The Trial of Antichrist

Excerpt from The Trial of Antichrist: Otherwise the Man of Sin. for High Treason Against the Son of God The Author of the following pages takes the liberty of introducing them before the public. in hopes that they may convey information and profit.. Ccna Book Pdf

The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat

In this children's exploration of mathematical ideas. Penrose takes a journey to meet the Zeros and the Ones. discovers mathematical stars and learns the truth about infinity.. Engineering Book Pdf

Yes, My Accent Is Real

In the spirit of Mindy Kaling s bestseller "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.." a collection of humorous. autobiographical essays from Kunal Nayyar. best known as Raj on CBS s #1 hit comedy "The Big Bang Theory.. Living Sober Book Pdf

Astrophotography for the Amateur

With this extraordinary handbook. you. too. can frame the stars and have them hanging on your livingroom walls. Astrophotography for the Amateur provides a complete guide to taking pictures of stars.. Free Download Book Pdf

Down Under

This book presents a showcase of the best graphic design trends and initiatives from Australia. "Graphic Design Worldwide" is an exciting new series that showcases a wide cross-section of the freshest.. The New Bottoming Book Pdf


Arie Reynolds is a strong willed. independent woman. Her life as a stuntwoman in movies is enough to keep her fulfilled. After nearly losing her life in an accident.. Photography Book Pdf

The Inquisitor

It's spring in Buffalo. New York. At sprawling St. Paul's Hospital. new interns rush through the halls. staff doctors scramble to catch their proteges' mistakes.. Find Book Pdf

The Teenage Guide to Stress

Nicola Morgan is an established expert on the teenage brain and adolescent stress. known for her engaging. clear style. She is the author of the internationally renowned Blame My Brain: The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed (shortlisted for the Aventis prize for science) and has spoken in schools and at conferences around the world.. Persepolis Book Pdf

Splintered: Book 1

Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers. precisely the problem that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before. Surely. she tells herself.. Math Book Pdf

Theory of Fun for Game Design

Now in full color. the 10th anniversary edition of this classic book packs more insight into what it means to design games for fun. Theory of Fun for Game Design challenges and inspires game designers as well as game enthusiasts looking for products and experiences that are truly fun and entertaining.. Linux Book Pdf

Shooter's Bible Guide to Bowhunting

From the most trusted name in guns and ammunition comes this ultimate reference on bowhunting. The Shooter's Bible Guide to Bowhunting offers everything you need to know about the sport and its gear.. How To Write A Book Pdf

Alain Ducasse Cooking for Kids

Awakening their taste buds while taking care of their health: that's what we all want to do for our babies. They start to learn about flavour at the age of 6 months when they are introduced to a variety of new food- they have a surprising ability to accept new tastes and this is the time when they will learn good habits that will serve them well in the future.. 1984 Book Pdf

A World in Ruins

In certain key respects. 1943 marked a turning point in the war. Increasingly. victory seemed assured. However. the backdrop to this gradually improving situation was one of widespread and unremitting destruction.. Ebook Pdf Download

Small Acts of Treachery

At first. Mike Spencer dismisses Eileen Maloney's conspiracy theory. but as he begins to investigate CEPACC and its covert organisation. Crisis Call. he realises he's in the centre of a political storm.. 1984 Ebook Pdf

Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences

The volume of secondary material now available to students is often overwhelming. The Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences offers students. teachers.. Marketing Book Pdf

The Big Ballet Show (Dora the Explorer

Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer is ready to star in the big dance recital but her slippers are missing. Little girls ages 2-5 will love this Little Golden Book that retells an adventure from the popular DVD "Dora's Ballet Adventures.. The New Bottoming Book Pdf

Sweet Ruin

An immortal assassin is caught between desire and duty in this sizzling new novel from Kresley Cole's No.1 New York Times bestselling Immortals After Dark series. A foundling raised in a world of humans Growing up.. Children Book Pdf

Births, Deaths and Marriages

"The smile froze on Judy's lips as she heard the scream. It seemed to come from the direction in which she had just walked- she retraced her steps. and saw the girl she had seen earlier.. The Graveyard Book Pdf

Moomin Sticky Notes

The beloved Moomin characters make jotting down notes and creating to-do lists a delightful experience. Hattifatteners. Little My. Snufkin. Moomintroll. and more adorn these sticky notes and capture the magic that infuses the world of Moomin.. Eat Pray Love Book Pdf

Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams

I lay there alone in bed. feeling the black shadow creeping up the underside of the world like a flood tide. Nothing held. nothing was left. The silver airplanes and the silver capes all dissolved and vanished.. The Power Book Pdf

Swifter, Higher, Stronger

"Let the games begin." is a cry that has stirred athletes and citizens from countries all over the world for more than a hundred years. In Swifter. Higher. Stronger. Sue Macy has captured a compelling and comprehensive portrait of the summer Olympics.. Online Book Pdf Free

Summer House with Swimming Pool

The blistering. compulsively readable new novel from Herman Koch. author of the instant "New York Time"s bestseller "The Dinner." When a medical procedure goes horribly wrong and famous actor Ralph Meier winds up dead.. Free Ebook Pdf Download

Bookmark Days

'I've been driving the ute and the tractor since I was eleven. I get to sleep under the stars. help lambs into the world and ride my horse whenever I want.' Avril Stanton lives in the country and thrives on it.. Origami Book Pdf

How Much Land Does a Man Need? and Other Stories

In this collection. "How Much Land Does a Man Need. And Other Stories." Russian born Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) demonstrates his varied subject matter and style in his shorter fiction.. Free Ebook Pdf Files

Masnawi Sacred Texts of Islam

The Book Five of the Masnavi must be read in order to understand the other first Four volumes. It also includes popular stories from the local bazaar to fables. tales from Rumi's time: Story I: The Prophet and his Infidel Guest Story II: The Arab and his Dog Story III: The Sage and the Peacock Story IV: Muhammad Khwarazm Shah and the Rafizis of Sabzawar Story V: The Man who claimed to be a Prophet Story VI: The Disciple who blindly imitated his Shaikh Story VII: How Adam was created out of a handful of earth brought by an Angel Story VIII: Mahmud and Ayaz Story IX: The sincere repentance of Nasuh Story X: Lion.. The Rspec Book Pdf

Werner Bischof

This volume - investigating the work of a particular photographer. in this case. Werner Bischof - comprises a 4000-word essay by an expert in the field.. Harry Potter Book Pdf

The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye

A S Byatt's fairy tales and fables are among the best-loved features of her fiction. Innumerable readers have asked for the two marvellous fairy tales in POSSESSION - 'The Glass Coffin' and 'Gode's Tale' of the Breton Naie des Trepasses - to be published seperately.. Css Book Pdf

The Soul Seekers: Fated

Strange things have been happening to Daire Santos. Animals follow her. crows mock her. glowing people appear from nowhere. Worried that Daire's having a breakdown. her mother sends her to stay with the grandmother she's never met.. Marketing Book Pdf

Comics Squad: Recess!

A bust-your-gut-laughing graphic-novel anthology with original contributions from the most beloved names in the genre. * Jennifer Holm

Knights of Sidonia: Vol. 10

In his follow up from the hit Biomega series. Tsutomu Nihei tackles the world of hard science-fiction by creating a modern space comedy inspired by the genre hits from his youth. Nagate Tanikaze was a homeless teen living in the depths of a space colony with a passion for simulation games and stealing rice.. Night Book Pdf

Trial by Fire

Sequel to national bestseller. Nebula Award finalist. and Compton Crook Award winner Fire with Fire. When reluctant interstellar diplomat and intelligence operative Caine Riordan returns from humanity's first encounter with alien races.. Steal This Book Pdf

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses

In her newest hilarious endeavour. Olivia embarks upon a quest for identity and individuality. It seems there are far too many pink and sparkly princesses around these days and Olivia has had quite enough.. Download Book Pdf Free

Handbook of Material Culture

The study of material culture is concerned with the relationship between persons and things in the past and in the present. in urban and industrialized and in small-scale societies across the globe.. Free Ebook Pdf

The Need for Change

Refreshingly short. readable and entertaining. this book will help managers improve the service they provide to customers (or to the public) and reduce costs. improve performance and boost staff morale.. Ebook Pdf Creator

Prelude to Everest

Acclaimed hillwalking writers Ian R Mitchell and George Rodway tell the fascinating story of Aberdeen-born Alexander Kellas. and his contribution to mountaineering from the 20th century to the present day.. Persepolis Book Pdf

Home Truths

Craig Bellamy is no ordinary coach. He has a remarkable win-loss record in his eleven years with Melbourne Storm. but when he led his team through a season of scandal and turmoil. winning games while playing for no points.. Origami Book Pdf

On the Tip Edge of a Secret

Dennison Tsosie. a traditional Navajo silversmith and artist. began receiving spontaneous dreams and visions in 1986. It all began when Dennison's wife.. Text Book Pdf

Florida's Uplands

Taken from the earlier book "Priceless Florida" (and modified for a stand-alone book). this volume discusses the well-drained areas of Florida. including high pine grasslands. flatwoods and prairies.. Text Book Pdf

CRUSADE: The Damned

The Salamancan hunters are at war. and Jenn Leitner. the newly appointed Hunter. must lead the Salamancan hunters into battle against the Cursed Ones. But tensions are running high.. Steal This Book Pdf

The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies - Visual Companion (The Hobbit

The official Visual Companion for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies sees the devastating conclusion of the Company's quest to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor and the terrible battle that is about to consume the plains of the Lonely Mountain.. Book Pdf Free Download

Heavy Water: And Other Stories

Heavy Water and Other Stories is a literal landscape of Martin Amis's fiction. Once you enter Amis's disorienting and hilarious world. you'll never be the same. Every poem will remind you of "Career Move.. How To Write A Book Pdf

Travel in Comfort, Vol. 1

Excerpt from Travel in Comfort. Vol. 1: Select Conducted Parties Leave for Spain or Italy These very interesting letters. some twenty-three in number. have been preserved in the family of Lord Jeffreys by one of his descendants.. Statistics Book Pdf

Where Beauty Lies

The London sisters return in this charming new novel about love. friendship. and the perils of fame. Despite their very public arrest. Ava and Sophia London are about to discover that in L.. Ebook Pdf Download

Young Girl Eating a Bird

In this poignant collection of poems. Richard Beban conveys the world around him in a brilliantly real and lyrically beautiful light. He writes of different perspectives and relationships. doing so with humor and warmth.. Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Book Pdf

Little Wolves

Set on the Minnesota prairies in 1987. during a drought season that is not helping the demise of the family farms. the story features two intertwining narrators.. Frankenstein Book Pdf

Journal Your Way

Custom tailor a journal that's just right for you. With step-by-step illustrations and instructions for more than sixteen formats and 10 cover styles. Gwen Diehn celebrates the art of making and using a personalized journal.. Lights Out Book Pdf

Bret Harte's Writings

Excerpt from Bret Harte's Writings: The Crusade of the Excelsior It was the 4th of August. 1854. off Cape Corrientes. Morning was breaking over a heavy sea.. Marketing Book Pdf

That's Not My Owl (That's Not My...) [Board book]

There are eight wise owls for children to meet. and lots of new textures to touch and feel in this colourful board book. From tufty tummies to fuzzy wings and fluffy babies.. Breaking Dawn Book Pdf

The Princess and Curdie

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process.. Download Book Pdf Free

A Beginning, a Muddle, and an End

Brimming with wit. wisdom. and humor. this sequel to "The End of the Beginning" is a warm and winning tale of two friends on a quest to become writers. Illustrations.. Origami Book Pdf

Communications Skills Handbook

The new fourth edition of this popular handbook has been revised and updated to equip contemporary students with the written and oral communication guidelines they need to succeed at university and beyond.. Flip Book Pdf

Kenai's Thanksgiving

How many of us have ever wondered what our pets are thinking. what they are feeling. and what their hopes and dreams are. Of course. we can only imagine the answers to such questions.. Organic Chemistry Book Pdf

The Innovators

Following his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs. "The Innovators" is Walter Isaacson's revealing story of the people who created the computer and the Internet.. Free Ebook Pdf Downloads

Violet the Painting Fairy (Rainbow Magic

Strange things are happening on Rainspell Island. Kirsty and Rachel must help Violet the Painting Fairy track down her magical paintbrush. But can they find it before Jack Frost and the goblins manage to create more chaos.. Arrl Antenna Book Pdf

Awesome Animals Adult Coloring Books

This Adult Coloring book includes 30 hand-Curated Highly-Detailed Animal Designs Inject a little whimsy into your daily grind. Inside are 30 ready-to-color art activities that will transport you to a dream world of delightful animals.. Grammar Book Pdf

Basic Guide to GC / MS

Written by the same author as the popular "Handbook of GC-MS". this is a clear and readable introduction to the technique. providing an overview of everything the user needs to know in order to get started.. Origami Book Pdf

Angel Spirits

Presenting the delightful Angel Spirits Journal featuring the wonderful art of Sulamith W........lfing. The charming journal cover painting. The First Butterfly. is one of her most well-loved paintings.. Lights Out Book Pdf

The Shadows of Total War

The essays in this compelling collection examine the period between the two world wars of the twentieth century- one of the most exciting in the history of war. They explore the lingering consequences of World War I- the intellectual efforts to analyze this conflict's military significance- the attempts to plan for another general war- and several episodes in the 1930s that portended the war that erupted in 1939.. Photo Book Pdf


Michael Hyatt. one of the top business bloggers in the world. provides down-to-earth guidance for building and expanding a powerful platform. To be successful in the market today.. Flip Book Pdf

How to be a Knight

Here is everything you need to know about being a knight. from from being a young page to being knighted. This humorous non-fiction book explains all the tasks. training.. Ebook Pdf Search

Liberation Upon Hearing in the Between

One of the 25 most influential people in America according to Time Magazine. and .the leading American expert on Tibetan Buddhism. (The New York Times). Robert Thurman illuminates the Tibetan Book of the Dead with up-to-date insights for modern audiences.. Chemistry Book Pdf

The Large and Important Library of John E. Burton of Milwaukee, Wis, Vol. 6

Excerpt from The Large and Important Library of John E. Burton of Milwaukee. Wis. Vol. 6: Lincolniana and Civil War Material 1. All bids to be per Lot as numbered in the Catalogue.. Svn Book Pdf

Kognitive Neurowissenschaften

Das Lehrbuch pr sentiert eine Betrachtung s mtlicher kognitiver Leistungen: von Wahrnehmung. Aufmerksamkeit. Orientierung ber Sprache. Denken. Vorstellung. Ged chtnis. Handeln. Reaktion bis zu Motorik und Emotion.. Online Book Pdf Free

Extremely Entertaining Short Stories

Stacy Aumonier's comic stories are among the funniest ever written. His serious works observe the human condition with wit and elegance. All of them are page-turners. Alfred Hitchcock was a great fan.. Make Ebook Pdf

The Way of the Hen

Susan Orlean once wrote raising chickens was a "do-it-yourself hobby at a moment when doing things yourself was newly appreciated as a declaration of self-sufficiency. a celebration of hand-work.. Ebook Pdf Free

Over Again

This story is not only just a children's book but also for adults that can relate to someone they know who is struggling with Alzheimer's or dementia. It's a learning experience for anyone. The story is about the complicating disease that we have not found a cure for and the struggles that come along with it not only for the person themselves.. Free Book Pdf Download

Social and Emotional Education in Primary School

This book synthesizes concepts. findings. and best practices for a complete guide to planning. implementing. and evaluating social and emotional education (SEE) programs.. Origami Book Pdf

Class President

Today is Thursday. Today is 'hole' day. So. naturally. everyone is wearing their 'holiest' clothes. Even the class teacher. Mrs North ...But she is soon to find out from Principal McCabe that a surprise visitor is coming to the school.. C Book Pdf

Why I Believe in Narnia

Reading WHY I BELIEVE IN NARNIA provides a panoramic view of C. S. Lewis' multi-faceted genius and its application in fields as diverse as social criticism and children's literature.. Guitar Book Pdf

The First Black Friday

Man had fallen. He was no longer able to commune with God face to face. The human race had been contaminated by the devil's evil plans. God loved man so much that He knew that He had to do something to save them.. The Secret Book Pdf Free Download

Jane's Sentinel Security Assessments

Country-by-country. threat-by-threat. this series of global security assessments provides a fuller understanding of national strengths. weaknesses and opportunities. "Jane's Sentinel" represents a complete information service on order of battle.. The Digital Photography Book Pdf

The Gradual Vegetarian

If you have ever thought about waging a war on fatty foods. found yourself choosing fish over meat. or paused at the vegetable bins in the supermarket over some exotic new fruit or vegetable. you could be a gradual vegetarian.. Accounting Book Pdf

The Dodger

"The Dodger" is the long-awaited story of Johnny Dodge. a wartime hero and a pivotal figure in the escapade immortalised in the legendary Hollywood film "The Great Escape".. Accounting Book Pdf

The Humanities


The Geography of Bliss

Part foreign affairs discourse. part humor. and part twisted self-help guide. "The Geography of Bliss" takes the reader from America to Iceland to India in search of happiness. or. in the crabby author's case.. Ebook Pdf Free

Walking Jane Austen's London

From prize-winning historical novelist Louise Allen. this book presents eight walks through both the London Jane Austen knew and the London of her novels. Follow in Jane's footsteps to her publisher's doorstep and the Prince Regent's vanished palace.. Css Book Pdf

Mixed Martial Arts For Dummies

A thorough introduction to this wildly popular combat sport--in FULL COLOR. Mixed martial arts. or MMA. is a combat sport that combines practices from several martial arts. including boxing.. The Road Book Pdf

The Healing Therapies Bible

The Healing Therapies Bible profiles more than 50 therapies. explaining the principles on which they are based. their history in practice. and wherever possible. shows them in action.. Text Book Pdf

A Companion to Werner Herzog

A Companion to Werner Herzog showcases over two dozen original scholarly essays examining nearly five decades of filmmaking by one of the most acclaimed and innovative figures in world cinema.. Accounting Book Pdf

Why Moms Are Weird

From the acclaimed author of Why Girls are Weird comes a second hilarious and surprising novel about love and family and the weirdo inside us all. Belinda "Benny" Bernstein doesn't brag about her life in Los Angeles.. The Mind Map Book Pdf

Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces

Using simple shapes. Ed Emberley shows would-be artists how to draw a variety of fun and wacky faces. This classic book is packed with fun things that kids - and adults too - really want to draw.. The Smashing Book Pdf

Bent-Core Liquid Crystals

This book provides insight into the latest developments in the research on liquid crystals formed by bent-core mesogens. After a short historical introduction. the authors discuss different kinds of mesophase structures formed by bent-core molecules.. Bangla Book Pdf


Marcus Valerius Martialis. or Martial (born between 38 and 41 CE. died between 102 and 104 CE) is celebrated for his droll. frequently salacious. portrayal of Roman high and low society during the first century rule of the emperors Domitian.. Physics Book Pdf

Angel Fire

In the wake of the Second Wave. the angel menace has exploded. and Alex and Willow are on the lam. Willow has a prophetic dream that points them to Mexico City. where they connect with a fledgling group of angel killers.. The Shining Book Pdf

Return to Diversity

Highly acclaimed and thoroughly updated. Return to Diversity. Fourth Edition. provides a comprehensive political history of East Central Europe from World War II to the present.. Online Book Pdf Free

Murder Takes the Cake

This is the second in the Sullivan Investigations Mystery series--murder with a Whiskey chaser."Light-hearted fun. with a little mystery- a little romance- a little family dysfunction- and several out-of-the-ordinary adventures thrown in to make it a fun-filled whodunit.. Linux Book Pdf

Ramona's World

The Best Year Ever That's what Ramona thought the fourth grade was going to be. but things aren't turning out as she hoped. Sure. she has a new best friend named Daisy. But how can she improve her spelling as her teacher insists.. The Rspec Book Pdf


This ambitious and comprehensive book explores technology's influence on artistic performance practices in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In Entangled. Chris Salter shows that technologies.. English Book Pdf